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Sugavaneshwarar Temple - Overview

The name Salem appears to have been derived from hai or Shalya or Sayilam which are found in inscriptions referring to the country around the hills. Salem and the hilly region around it were part of the Chera and Kongu country in ancient times. Theywere ruled by their own Kongu Kings who were the Kurunila Mannargal of ancient Tamilnadu. Local folklore has it that the region around Salem was the birthplace of the Tamil poetess Avvaiyar[citation needed]. Inscriptions from the Ganga dynasty have been recovered from parts of the district. The city lies in the middle of Kongu Nadu.

Salem then later became part of the Western Ganga Dynasty and was long ruled by the Gangakulam rulers. With the Southern invasion of Tamilnadu by Vijayanagar empire, Salem came under the Madurai Nayaks. Later, it was ruled by Gatti Mudalis Poligars of Salem who built some famous temples and fort in and around the city. In the early 18th century, it came under Hyder Ali after a long feud know as the Mysore-Madurai war.

Salem was then taken from Hyder Ali by Colonel Wood in the beginning of 1768. It was recaptured by Hyder ali towards the end of the year 1772. Under Lord Clive in 1799, it was again occupied by a detachment of the regiment stationed at Sankagiri Durg and remained a military station until 1861 when the troops were altogether withdrawn.

One can find places like Magnum Chowltry renamed now as Magudanchavadi. During the times of Dheeran Chinnamalai, places like Salem and Sankagiri were the scene of battle between Kongu forces and British allied forces. The legendary Kongu chieftain Theeran Chinnamalai was hanged infamously in the Sankagiri fort on Adi Perukku day which later became the army headquarters of the British.

Salem is a part of the Kongu Nadu, an ancient division of Tamilakam comprising the western Tamil Nadu. Almost completely surrounded by hills, Salem is at the base of the renowned tourist destination of Yercaud hills, which offers breathtaking views both along the ride up the hill and from the peak. There are also remote sites of beauty such as Kiliyur Falls.Yercaud is at an altitude of 1600 m above mean sea level. The city is surrounded by a natural amphitheater of hills formed by the Nagaramalai to the north, the Jarugumalai to the south, the Kanjamalai to the west, and Godumalai to the east. It is divided by the river Thirumanimuthar in the main division. The fort area is the oldest part of the town.

This temple is located in central part of salem ,temple looking towards east and the entance way of the temple is south side.In this temple front side "Thiru Nanthi Mandapam" and "Front Mandapam " located before entrance gateway.Vinayagar is located in south side of tower entrance.Deities of the temple is Maheshwari,Gowmari,Vainavi,Varahi,Mahenthiri,Samundi located in south side.In west side of this temple Valanpuri Vinayagar,(Irattai Vinayagar)Iyyapan,Thatchinamoorthy and above row GanGala Moorthy,Kasi Vishvanathar pancha Bootha Lingams,Sarashvathi,Gajalakshmi,Sesta Devigal.North side Lord Murugan with Valli and Deivanai temple located.Moolavar of this temple "Arulmigu Sugavaneshwarar" located next to the "Artha Mandapam" .

In Navagragham's Raagu and Sevai has changed their places is special of this temple.So who are all get a wishes from this god,they have the oppertunity for job and marriage.ThalaVirutcham Of this temple "Pathiri Tree" is located in Nanthavanam.

This temple houses the image of Shiva which is said to have been worshipped by the mythological sage Suka Muni - the king of parrots. It is also said that the Saint Poetess Avvaiyar performed miracles here and that the monarchs of the three great Tamil kingdoms, i.e. the Chola, Chera and the Pandya kingdoms visited this shrine to attend the marriage of the adopted daughter of Avvaiyar. The glories of this temple have been sung by the Saivite Saint poets. This temple is said to date back to the Sangam Period, over 2000 years ago. Other shrines in the temple: There are several shrines in this temple. The shrine dedicated to the mother Goddess Swarnambika deserves mention.

Sugavaneshwarar Temple -Sub Temples

Arulmigu Rajaganapathi Temple And Arulmigu Kasi Vishwanathar Temple is subtemple for Arulmigu Sugavaneshwarar temple.Arulmigu Rajaganapathy temple is located near "Thernilai" in salem.Daily Procession and Abhisegam for Rajaganapathy temple at Morning 6.00 am to Night 10.00 pm .In every month on the day of "valarpirai" and "theipirai" sathurthi "GanapathyYagam" celebrated.

Arulmigu Kasi Vishvanathar Temple is located in second achragaram street salem.Every month "Kruthikai sasti","Pirathosam","Full Moon day","New Moon day" celebrated with special abhisegam and poojas.On the day of "full moon day " special pooja celebrated for "Pairavar".

One of the big celebration in this temple is "NIRAIMANI VIZHA" on the day Annaabhisegam,vilvaarchanai and 216 sangabhisegam will be process and it celebrated every year.